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[...] Emerging as a complete and wonderfully passionate release, ‘Nighthorse’ is a work of care and attention, channelling a deft wave of sound and emotion into a raw and cresting anthology that speaks volumes. Filled with nostalgic sounds and timeless, universal themes, it’s an album that boldly treads its own path, concerning itself more with honestly and recovery than chart-topping success. It’s perhaps this quality that makes it so enrapturing, balancing quality riffs with equal sparring distortion and clarity to reflect troubled minds and hurt hearts as they traverse their dark path to freedom.[...]

- Broken 8 Records -


[...]the___fuzz casts his dark spell with effortless charm and an emotional maturity that stands firm beneath a textured hybrid of rock, blues, and deep

SCORE 8/10

[...]the___fuzz looks like a dark cowboy on his ride through the desert of alternative rock.
this album proves he is atrue artist[...]

SCORE 9/10

[...]With this album,  the___fuzz  proves he is a true artist who inspires his audience[...]

SCORE 9/10

fallen lord


desert roll call


subaru times

hide and seek



the assumption

daisy blossoms

daisy blossoms [the___sessions]